Princess Tuvstarr

Illustration by John Bauer

Princess Tuvstarr persuaded Skutt the Moose to take her away from her palace so she could see the world. As they wandered through the dark forest, Skutt warned her to hold on to his antlers with both hands. When they encountered fairies, she reached out to them and they stole her golden crown. The Lady of the Forest stole the princess’s golden dress in the same manner. When she climbed down to take a drink from a tarn, her golden locket fell from her neck into the water. There she sits, looking for her lost heart until this very day.

When I was young, my mother gave me a book of Swedish Fairy Tales with illustrations by John Bauer. Little Princess Cottongrass was my favorite. She looked just like me and she had adventures like I wanted to have and she was trapped like I was.

Years ago, my husband gave me a copy of this book. I tried to read it, but I couldn’t even open the book without crying.

One thought on “Princess Tuvstarr

  1. There is much truth whether truth or fiction. I have walked this along side many throughout my career. The1st time eye opening and dark

    The path was filled with unseen potholes. I was there to walk along side, hold on to hope when the person couldn’t . I was humbled by each of the walk requests and they left me vulnerable to feelings I didn’t want feel .

    The details may have not been the same but the walk through the dark woods was always present as well inner turmoil, fears, and the unanswered questions.

    It is indeed a long arduous walk with backslides but each the walks were taken safely with their friend.

    I fear I came to believe children are the collateral damage of the adults charged with their lives, their safety, caring homes


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